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Dating: A Post That Should Have Gone Up 10 Days Ago

Note: My beloved apartment has not had a good Internet connection, and I started writing this post on June 6… anyway, thought I’d add it now. Better late than never, right?

I had every intention of posting last night, but I got distracted with a 2 mile run, personal hygiene, and, um, a date.

I have a love-hate relationship with dating. There’s nothing romantic about a first date—it’s disconcerting. What to wear? What to talk about? Where to go? Should we meet or should he pick me up? It’s also exciting to get to know someone new, explore the city, and eat a meal that isn’t pasta.

Yesterday was a long day at work. The whole team is working on a pitch for a new client that could result in a $100-million contract. That’s a lot of money—it’s so much that it doesn’t seem like anything at all because my strapped-for-cash brain can’t even fathom that many zeros, unless there’s no number preceding them, in which case it resembles my own bank account.


The point is, that this proposal is draining. It’s in an industry I know—not even exaggerating here—nothing about. That means excessive research complements the actual work load and that equals my coming into the office at about 8:30am and not leaving until well after 6pm with a 10 minute lunch break in there somewhere. Needless to say, visions of down blankets, sweatpants, my bed, and junkfood danced in my head the whole metro ride home.

And then, my phone rang. It was my roommate (who I love, by the way) asking if I wanted to go for a run. The weather was beautiful and she tempted me with a slow jog down by the waterfront, so I agreed.

When we got back, I noticed my phone blinking– I had a missed call. Long story short, it was Boston Boy asking if I wanted to grab dinner. After a lot of pressure/support from the roomie, I decided to go.

Dating seems so obscure these days. Hanging out, meeting up, grabbing a drink– those are gerunds I understand and fully support, but dating?! Come on… who does that anymore?

So, he picked me up and we went to dinner and ate while watching the Celtics game. The conversation wasn’t mind blowing, but it was enjoyable enough. When he asked if I wanted to grab a drink after dinner, I politely told him it was past my bed time (I had work the next day) and he took me home.

I ran away before the potential awkwardness that surrounds the “do we hug, do we kiss” fiasco.

PS, I had pasta… so much for that pro in the pro/con of dating.