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Getting sick (again), going out in D.C., and reading an amazing book

I’m in a fog. It’s nearly impossible to string words together to form coherent sentences. A bottle of Tylenol and a half-empty package of NyQuil clutter my desk next to my laptop. My trashcan is filled with balled up sheets of toilet paper because I haven’t been able to get to a store to buy tissues yet. It’s 5 minutes past 8, and I’m probably going to bed soon.

Getting a cold during the summer is still one of life’s greatest mysteries. I blame it on the rain because, well, it’s raining right now (again) and I’m sick of looking out my window to see black clouds looming over the Masonic temple every night.

It didn’t rain this weekend, which figures since I was sick and couldn’t really take advantage. On Saturday I felt semi-human so I went to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian with my friend Mike (we met through a mutual friend and he’s JUST a friend). Afterward, we went to his apartment near Catholic University and I got to see the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I loved the architecture on this church– beautiful blue-tiled, domed roofs that reminded me of a church I saw in Zaragosa, Spain last summer.

Anyway, we got to his place and after his yellow lab/German shepherd puppy showered me in slobber, we plopped down and used my handy Washington D.C. guidebook to map out our night so we could try new places.

On the list:

  • Rice, a Thai restaurant on 14th St. Fantastic food, reasonable prices (for food, not drinks), quick service, quiet atmosphere, dim lighting for an intimate setting, and modern decor
  • Lauriol Plaza, a Mexican restaurant on 18th St. Well, by the time we got here, it was pretty much closed. We wanted to check out the rooftop area and have some margaritas, but this is not a place to head to after 11pm. We’ll try again soon because the food and drinks looked delicious.
  • The Fox and the Hound For $4.95 you get a glass of liquor and a tiny bottle of mixer to add as you please– not bad. A domestic beer is $4.25, so if you’re not a liquor drinker you’ll just get pissed off at your friends who are and can get drunk way cheaper than you can.
  • Reef, Adams Morgan I had never been to Adams Morgan before, but I really liked what I saw– cheeky (I use this to mean cool names) bars with lots of young people. We got there really late so most of the places had long lines and expensive covers. Reef, however, NEVER has a cover and has a cool outdoor bar and a lower level with fish tanks. I spent a lot of my time finding Nemo and talking to some Australian guys who liked the dress I was wearing, saying it looked very “un-American.” I think it was supposed to be a compliment.

That was the summary of my night. I started to feel nasally and congested again, so I left my friends at the bar and took the metro back home. I spent Sunday reading this outstanding memoir of a mother and daughter called Come Back by Claire and Mia Fontaine. It’s one of the most poignant, heartbreaking pieces of writing I’ve ever read, and I encourage all of you to read it. Forget self-help books, this tale about two women’s ability to overcome sexual abuse, drug addiction, and severe depression has everything you need to learn to love the life (and parents) you have.

Rating: 5 stars, hands-down.