My Apartment Has Paperthin Ceilings That Add to My Insomnia

I love my new place, I really do. During the day, that is. At night, my feelings shift.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept hearing the slightest creaks, which my overactive imagination had a field day with, coming up with vivid scenes that replayed in my mind forcing out any hope for falling asleep at a decent hour.

Tonight, I was explaining to my friend from back home how I don’t like to leave my room at night because I’m not used to it yet. (The noises scare me, okay?) As soon as I IM’d her that little tidbit, I hear my name.

“Are you awakeeee?”

After a momentary freak out, I realize it’s my roommate.

“Um, yeah?”

“I can hear the person above us peeing…”

That’s disgusting, but also pretty funny.



  1. Little Said:

    I know what the problem is….I’m not there lol but seriously hearing the person above you girls peeing that had to be hilarious to hear and lightened the mood. you need to settle you imagination with…a movie lol like old times! miss you

  2. Lauren Said:

    hahahaha…yeah you should probably just fall asleep with a movie on, as little said, like old times! sounds like the prescription to the people peeing above you and the creaks of building that i like to think of as historic, even though it probably isnt, but it’s in DC! haha yeah. LOVE YOU!

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