Most nights at 7:30 p.m. you can find me watching Jeopardy! My favorite category is “Potpourri” because it makes me wonder who in the hell finds these obscure facts that have no correlation to one another. As a tribute to my favorite game show, this post will be quite the potpourri of miscellaneous thoughts.

  • David Cook won American Idol, and this pleases me. However, if I hear the sexy David Cook singing a horrific bubble-gummed over song force fed to him by those awful AI producers, I will do ungodly things. Plus, how drool-worthy did he look in that Guitar Hero commercial? So let’s get this straight, the guy is hot, can play guitar and sing, is endearing and sweet, AND has hot legs?
  • The season finale of How I Met Your Mother (yeah, I’m a HIMYM cronie, get over it) left me wanting more. I thought the show completely sucked until the last 5 minutes– anyone with me? Barney and Robin sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G. And no way in hell is Stella going to accept Ted’s proposal with an orange, stuffed giraffe. If she does, I’m exiling her from womandom.
  • Still haven’t talked to S. Okay, that’s a lie– I just sent him an e-mail, but before you break out the disapproving looks, let me tell you why. Today I leave for D.C. and tomorrow he leaves for a two week cross-country trip, which means I won’t be talking to him for that long, at least. The guy did have a big role in my life for the last 5 months and I’ve been hearing about this trip for weeks, so I though it would be a nice gesture to send him a “have-fun-please-don’t-think-I’m-a-huge-bitch” note. Bad idea?
  • Today is the Big Day, Part 1. My family and I are leaving at 2pm so that we can drive halfway to Washington, D.C. Tomorrow we’ll finish out the trek and I’ll start unloading my crap into my new apartment. This means I’ll probably be absent from the blogosphere for a while, but I will hopefully have pictures/stories the next time I write.
  • Finished Jane Eyre— loved it. It was slow at the beginning, but after that it picked up, but I can see how it might not be for everyone. Now, I’m reading Sense and Sensibility followed by another Jane Austen classic, Mansfield Park. Also, on my Bookcase page, I’ve started a star ranking system and also ask for your input, so be sure to check it out.
  • The reason for my Jane Austen obsession: The Jane Austen Bookclub. If you love books and have not seen this movie, sign off the Internet immediately and run (run, I say!) to the nearest store and rent or buy it. It’s that good.

That’s all for now!




  1. Tory Said:


    And P.S., the Jane Austen book club is not only a fantastic movie, it’s also a fantastic book. I have it, if you could get your hands on it.

    And I understand the obsession, I’ve read every book by Austen. Other than Pride and Prejudice, of course, Persuasion was my favorite. Check it out! Not sure if Mansfield Park will be up your ally, as the heroine is very unlike all Austen’s other beloved characters. I found her annoying!

    In any case, happy reading! Hope the move goes smoothly and the first night smashingly!


  2. Lauren Said:

    oh my god i was so happy david cook won! i tivo’d it…haven’t watched it yet. But CALL ME ASAP….i’m going to call you sometime soon, but you might not be available to talk since your family will be around. I’ll be thinking of you as I have been all day! 😦 and πŸ˜€ So exciting though!!!! I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE TRIP!

  3. laura Said:

    haha, I have not seen The Jane Austen Book Club yet…but with a recommendation like that, it is now a must.

    PS thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll!

  4. Pepper Said:

    Hi… Its amazing how the Bronte sisters / jane Austen/ george Eliot – – none of them had formal education in Law or Psychology, but have managed to essay complex issues such as criminal psychology, transfer of property, inheritence…. they had such deep understanding of all these issues …which is the reason why their books make relevant reading even to this day.

  5. Tory Said:

    I need a Meg update already! I’m dyin’ here!

  6. Pepper Said:

    If you want to see a slapstick version of Pride & Prejudice, esp on a boring sunny afternoon, wath Bride and Prejudice. Its an Indian version of the book and totally ridiculous.

  7. Grace Said:

    I was a massive Jane Austen fan prior to that movie but after seeing I fell in love with her even more! See my blog for some life lessons I’ve learned from that amazing author.


  8. I freakin’ love HIMYM. So hard. I’m so glad I’m not alone.

    & the Jane Austin Book Club is so good.

  9. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Standoffishness.

  10. audreyesque Said:

    Jeopardy! reference to the category “potpourri” which includes questions on a variety of topics, much like this post– there was no point, just my half-assed rambling. Much like the rest of this blog. Glad you stopped by!

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