Learning to Prioritize Post-College

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom and grandmother to stock up on items for my new apartment. They were picking up useful items like Tupperware, towels, and sheets. I picked up a 6-pack of beer. You can see where our priorities lie. Unfortunately, I just checked my bank account and created a proposed monthly budget, which means a major priority adjustment.

For one thing, I’m going to have to start checking my bank account more frequently. I hate doing this because it usually results in increased blood pressure and bad moods that can last for up to 3 hours. I also have this disorder where when I walk into Target or Dillards, I think I have more money that I actually do.

So, in this post-college life, I’m forced to categorize things based on their importance, which really means how much will my life suck if I can’t afford it…

I leave for D.C. this Friday, and I find myself wanting frivolous items that will spruce up my apartment. It’s the first time I’ll have my own place, and is it such a crime that I want it to be cute? Oh, well, here’s to cute on a budget! Audrey would be proud…

I’ll get rid of a lot of things, but not the beer. Beer remains a priority in this Irish girl’s life.

photo credit: iversaredamp



  1. Tory Lynne Said:

    You’re my hero.

    Save a beer for me!

  2. Lauren Said:

    I LOVE my idea! YAY! So bare walls are OK…i’ve got em, and they grow on you after a while. Let’s remember to keep some food in your fridge, because I hear that consuming only alcohol is a) a type of eating disorder and b) deprives you of crucial nutrients needed for everyday functioning. πŸ™‚ And I have a worksheet on excel that’s good for expenses and budgeting. I can send it to you if you’d like. I’m using it. Kind of. Oh and the time is wrong on this thing! Can you change it to be right?! I don’t think I’ll be able to handle not knowing the exact moment that you write these things! Haha LOVE YOU!

  3. audreyesque Said:

    @Tory Thanks, mate. There will always be a beer in my fridge with your name on it. Unless Lauren makes me throw it out in exchange for food. Highly overrated.

    @Lauren Updated, so from now on all posts should be in real time. I had to figure out what in the hell UTC time is. For anyone interested, it’s Universal time zone, whatever that means. We’re -5 or something. Timezones are weird. But, I love your idea, too!

  4. Liz Said:

    I just spend $17 of my $80 on sangria and a frozen pizza. How’s that for prioritizing? πŸ™‚

    I’m gonna miss you so much, but you’ll do great in D.C. and I can’t wait to read up all on your adventures!

  5. audreyesque Said:

    @Liz My kinda lady. I knew there was a reason we’ve been friends for so long. Oh, yes, the adventures will be flowing freely. Well, as long as said adventures are free and can be flowing. Hmm…

  6. DC is my Manhattan Said:

    Welcome to the District!!!
    I’m a fellow former Floridian as well! And I also suffer from that strange malady that makes me think I have more monies than I really do.

    Best part about being from FL and living in DC? Mocking all the pussies as they complain about the heat when it’s only 83.

  7. audreyesque Said:

    @DC Ohh, yes. I can’t wait for that. I’ve already read the guide books that are like “D.C. is hot in the summer. Talk about humidity.” and I just laugh. Although, they’ll probably be laughing at me when it hits 65 and I need a sweatshirt. Damn karma.

    Thanks for the welcome– I’m very excited for a change!

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